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Cooperation with Ombudsman


As of beginning 2012, Pro Bono Aliance (PBA) started closer cooperation with the Czech Public Defender of Rights. Negotiations resulted in the conclusion of the Memorandum of Cooperation in the Area of Free Legal Aid to Complainants. On the basis of this Memorandum, PBA facilitates free legal representation by the cooperating attorneys to the victims of discrimination where the Ombudsman concludes that most likely discrimination occurred. Free legal representation is secured to those victims of discrimination who want to pursue their rights in the court proceedings and who due to lack of funds or other disadvantage cannot afford legal services.


Since the adoption of the Memorandum, attorneys cooperating with the PBA took legal representation in more than ten cases. The first case concerned the discrimination of persons with visual disability in public transport, and the second case was related to the age discrimination in employment.


The cooperation also includes methodic and educational assistance by the staff of the Public Defender’s Office to the attorneys cooperating with PBA. The PBA together with the Public Defender’s Office organizes workshops to develop further understanding of the legal tools available to the attorneys. Lawyers working at the Public Defender’s Office are also at disposal to the attorneys for consultations, in particular with regard to the activities of the Public Defender in the field of discrimination.



Memorandum of Cooperation  (in Czech)

Public Defender of Rights website




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