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Law on Legal Aid Scheme

In a democratic state everyone should have access to legal aid provided by qualified lawyer. System of free legal aid should enable access to legal aid for those, who do not have sufficient financial means to pay for legal services. The state should be primarily responsible for the system of free legal aid.

The accessibility of legal aid is currently unsatisfactory. The main flaws of the current system include scattered legal provisions, partial transfer of state responsibility for free legal aid system to the Czech Bar Association without compensation, low awareness about possibilities to access the legal aid and lack of legal aid outside of the court proceedings.


Pro Bono Alliance advocates for adoption of new law on legal aid, which would provide more effective legal aid to socially disadvantaged groups. Pro Bono Alliance was member of a working group within the Ministry of Justice developing the thesis of the new draft law on legal aid. Pro Bono Alliance also ensured consultation and participation of civil society during the drafting process. Unfortunately due to the changes of the government and economic crises the draft law was not presented to the Parliament. Pro Bono Alliance continues to lobby for its adoption. Pro Bono Alliance also maintains a web-site devoted to the issue of access to legal aid and drafting process of the new law on legal aid www.bezplatnapravnipomoc.cz.



Pro bono aliance

Pro Bono Aliance’s primary goal is to make the legal instruments in the Czech Republic more effective in protecting human rights, public interest and important common values.

Pro Bono Aliance promotes better access to legal aid and socially responsible lawyering. To achieve its goals, Pro Bono Aliance organizes educational events, supports exchange of experience and facilitates cooperation between lawyers from NGOs and other legal professions, participates in legislative change, supports pro bono activities of lawyers and spreads information about the protection of human rights.