We work to make legal instruments more effective in protecting
human rights, public interests and important common values.

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Pro bono

Pro Bono Centrum supports development of pro bono legal services. Attorneys and law firms affiliated with the Pro Bono Centrum provide pro bono legal services to individuals and groups, who would not be able otherwise to access qualified legal aid due to financial or other reasons.


Pro bono legal aid is provided:

1) to clients of NGOs, for example to victims of domestic violence, for protection of rights of patients or consumers, children rights, asylum seekers, victims of discrimination, labour disputes, protection of environment etc.

2)  to non-for-profit organizations (civil society organizations, foundations, churches etc.) in the areas such as labour law, taxes or other legal problems concerning their non-for-profit functions.


The activities include referrals of the request for pro bono legal aid from non-for-profit organizations to attorneys and law firms affiliated with Pro Bono Centrum, raising awareness about pro bono legal services among professionals and public including annual pro bono award and building capacity of the attorneys and law firms providing pro bono legal services in the areas most relevant for the needs of the disadvantaged clients. So far Pro Bono Centrum has established cooperation with more than 30 attorneys and law firms and over 60 non-for-profit organizations and has ensured pro bono legal services for more than 100 requests from non-for-profit organizations and their clients.


For more information about our pro bono activities please see www.probonocentrum.cz.


Pro bono aliance

Pro Bono Aliance’s primary goal is to make the legal instruments in the Czech Republic more effective in protecting human rights, public interest and important common values.

Pro Bono Aliance promotes better access to legal aid and socially responsible lawyering. To achieve its goals, Pro Bono Aliance organizes educational events, supports exchange of experience and facilitates cooperation between lawyers from NGOs and other legal professions, participates in legislative change, supports pro bono activities of lawyers and spreads information about the protection of human rights.